CNC Bending Machine Manufacturer (CNC Press Brake)

  • The CNC press brake is one of the top level CNC machinery.
  • High synchronization and bending accuracy is ensured due to harmonized movements of the two oil cylinders.
  • The frame is assembled after welding, and is processed by CNC pentahedron processing center. The frame can be assembled in one time. After that the workpiece is processed by the CNC pentahedron processing center, ensuring the rigidity and processing accuracy of the frame.
  • The integrated hydraulic control system minimizes pipe length, thus avoiding oil leakage, improving performance stability and enhancing the appearance of the machine.
  • CNC press brakes are equipped with the most advanced Holland Delem CNC system with modern electric circuits, a TFT display menu with high refresh rate.
  • The HPR Series has not only the same characteristics as the PR Series but is also equipped with several additional features.
  • The machine speed is adjustable – the approaching and return speed can easily reach 220 mm/s. and working efficiency is greatly increased by approx. 40%.
  • Electric and hydraulic systems ensure high bending accuracy.
  • Intelligent systems help to avoid deformation on the workpiece.
  • Perfect cutting data makes the work easier.
  • The HPR Series is also equipped with the most advanced and effective Holland Delem CNC system.
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