CNC Laser Cutting Machine

  • Laser generator, good stability and high cutting speed.
  • High-efficiency anti-reflection function, the machine can cut high-reflection material.
  • Positioning speed of 169 m/min due to direct servo motor with high torque.
  • Acceleration of up to 2g through adaptive lightweight structure.
  • Easy use due to detailed cutting database system.
  • Easy, fast and more reliable installation through new machine anchoring system.
  • Low power laser generator, smart design, low investigation and cost.
  • With TrueFiber 1000W laser generator, the cutting performance is stable.
  • Germany Precitec cutting head with the higher cutting quality.
  • Perfect cutting data makes the work easier.
  • The shuttle table takes only 10 seconds to exchange the worktable.
  • Sahil Technocrats Provides CNC Laser Cutting Machine & Cnc Laser & Forming Machines in Maharashtra.

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