CNC Punching Machine

  • Adopts a first class hydraulic system, whose stroke and speed are changed digitally. The maximum stroke rate can reach 600 hpm, and at 25 mm/s. can reach 350 hpm.
  • The large ballscrew and high precision linear guideway transfer the drive.
  • The imported pneumatic, hydraulic and electric components ensure perfect quality.
  • The turret and bushing are processed in pairs to ensure the coaxiality of the punch and die, thus significantly extending the service life of the tooling together with the turret.
  • The central lubrication unit reduces the friction between each working pair to prolong the machine service life.
  • The integrated beam structure with the carriage welded to the beam to increase the rigidity and positioning accuracy, to get a more stable feed during high speed operation, and to avoid dynamic X, Y axis distortion of the worktable.
  • Servo-motor-driven CNC turret punching machine with superior performance.
  • Energy saving as servo motor only works while punching.
  • Single servo motor is the power source bringing improved punching speed.
  • Equipped with a soft punch function to reduce the noise pollution.
  • No hydraulic pipeline system, no oil leakage or pipeline aging and therefore lower maintenance costs.
  • Sahil Technocrats are best CNC Punching Machine in Maharashtra.

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